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Products approved by professionals and conceived for beauty in your own image, exacting and committed

Taking care of yourself. Feeling good. Feeling beautiful. Only following your own desires.
believing in yourself. Loving freedom. Showing your carefree side. and revealing that je ne sais quoi that makes us unique cultiving your uniqueness.

eugène perma 1919

It is the legacy of an enthusiastic, avant-garde hairdresser with a passion for hair and a love for “French-style elegance.”

Our engagements

Made in France Shampoos and treatments made in Reims

Commitments Recyclable resale bottles made of 25% recycled materials

Formulation An exacting, transparent formulation charter

Vegan formulas Formulated free of any animal-based ingredients

Shampoos and conditioner to …

The anti-pollution range

Purifies and protects hair exposed to external aggressors such as pollution.

with Red Algae extract Discover

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